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Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company? [Infographic]

A new study found that an overwhelming number of employees blame poor collaboration for failures in the workplace. Here’s an infographic that explores where these collaboration breakdowns happen — and how to prevent them in the future. Read more @ … Continue reading

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5 W’s to Better Customer Service Communication

Communication one of the fundamental principles in getting great customer service right. We want to communicate with customers and we want to develop lasting, loyal customer relationships. The trouble often times comes in understanding the strategy behind customer service communication. … Continue reading

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Majority of Americans believe bad weather affects cloud computing

Cloud computing is a concept that many Americans have likely heard about and even use on a daily basis but according to a recent survey from Wakefield Research for Citrix, the majority of respondents have virtually no idea what it … Continue reading

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The Big Goal Behind All that Customer Data

Big Data is working hard to get into the minds of customers and uncover accurate information about how the customer really feels, thinks and responds to products, services, advertising and brands. But like eager field-scientists exploring a verdant new continent, … Continue reading

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Research: The devalued future of IT in a marketing world

The world of IT is bifurcating into infrastructure providers and innovators. It’s time for CIOs to get on the right side of that wave. Gartner analyst, Mark P. McDonald, wrote a compelling piece showing IT growth rates over the last decade. … Continue reading

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Apple Is Repeating Itself: Last Year It Said It Was ‘Blown Away’ By iPhone 4S Pre-Orders, Too

When Apple told news outlets it was “blown away” by iPhone 5 pre-orders, something about it didn’t sit right with us. There was something familiar about it, but it rang more hollow than usual from Apple. We think we’ve figured … Continue reading

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10 Top Reasons Why First-Time Entrepreneurs Fail

“For entrepreneurs — especially those just starting out — businesses succeed as much as they fail. I’ve seen this time and again as a mentor and entrepreneur. But statistics also suggest that the failure rate for new startups within the … Continue reading

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