‘OK Google’ commands: The Complete list

There’s a lot you can tell your Android phone to do. Yes, even “take a selfie.”
What with Google Now, use voice commands to create reminders, get help with trivia questions, and, yes more!
And, with today’s update from Google, the voice assistant’s response will sound more natural than ever.
Check a long list of OK, Google commands to help you get more done with just your voice.
There are two ways to say a command.
Newer Android devices, just say “OK Google,” followed by a question or task. For example, if I wanted to know the weather, I could say “OK Google, what’s the weather like today?” and a few seconds later Google Now would provide the forecast.
Tap on the microphone button in the Google search bar, and skip the “OK, Google” portion of the conversation. If the search bar isn’t on a home screen, swipe right from the primary home screen to see Google Now.
If “OK, Google” isn’t working for you, make sure that feature is enabled. Head to the Google Now app, go to Menu > Settings > Voice > “OK Google” detection.
The complete list of Google commands
“OK, Google”
The basics
Open [app name]. Example: “Open Gmail.”
Go to [website]. Ex.: “Go to google.com.
Call [contact name]. Ex.: “Call Mom.”
Text or Send text to [contact name]. Ex.: “Text Wife I’m running late.”
Email or Send email. Ex.: “Email Wife subject Hi message I’m running late, sorry.” You can also add CC and BCC recipients.
Note to self [contents of note].
Start a list for [list name].
Get to know more : https://goo.gl/OR6aoc

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