The Pros and Cons of Web Based Help Desk Software

Non-IT people don’t spend time thinking about help desk software. When they interact with their IT Help Desk, many of them subconsciously believe they’re using a magical portal where they express their lamentations, and an IT worker with his or her magical skills will make everything better.

This setup is actually beneficial to both IT workers and civilians. The less they have to think about how they’re interacting with the powerful wizards behind the IT Help Desk, the happier they are. And happy civilians make for happy IT workers.

“So you’re telling me I have to use a computer to run the software. Have I got that right?”

That’s why your Help Desk software is so important, and it’s one of the reasons why web-based Help Desk software is poised to take over. Here are some of the pros and cons of moving all your Help Desk  to the Web.

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